16 September 2007


Haven't really gotten the hang of taking pics of birds against the sky yet.

2 of over 100 Oriental Honey Buzzard flying south a couple of days ago. Mo-san (his blog is linked on the right) drove me (up a very rough road) to the top of a mountain near Matsumae overlooking the Tsugaru straits. It's a well known spot for observing raptor migration. Oriental Honey Buzzard was the most numerous (by far) of the 8 raptor species. The 3 accipter species were also around as were a few Common Buzzard as well as the resident Peregrines, Black Kites and lots of Osprey on the drive. Stonechats were abundant and other smaller migrants on the move were lots of Black Faced Buntings and Pacific Swifts.

Earlier in the week I went to Yakumo with Tony and Megumi (2 very nice people who read this blog and live in London). We spent a pleasant day around the rivermouth at Yakumo although the birding wasn't as good as the previous week. Lots of common migrant Ducks, a few waders (including 9 Eastern Curlew and 4 Greenshank), 1 or 2 Common Kingfisher, Osprey etc.Here's a pic of some of the Teal.

We finished the day at Onuma. Hopefully we can show Megumi the Eagles next winter.

I had a quick walk down the local river today. Not much about..........Asian Brown Flycatcher was the most interesting species. Lots of bugs including this boring white butterfly.

Who'd have thought it? Two 3-0 victories were not what I'd been expecting. Maybe England will qualify for Euro 2008 after all. Maybe Heskey should rescue the Rugby team (but don't ever trust him with conversions/penalties).

An amphetamine fuelled gun toting 'gangster' from Honshu out whooping it up after a successful drug deal in Sapporo decided it would be fun to steal a car and frighten the local populace. He fired at the local fuzz who fired back and killed him. Who said Hakodate was a boring town where nothing ever happens?

Thanks for the rides/lunches this week to Tony/Megumi and Mo-san.

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