29 August 2007

Wader season continues

The wader passage continues. It seems to be a rather good one this year too. At Yakumo I went to a small brackish tidal lagoon to check for waders. There were 3 Terek Sandpiper (see pic above), 3 or 4 Common Greenshank, 2 Black Tailed Godwit and 1 Green Sandpiper (a Japanese first for me). Best of all was a Broad Billed Sandpiper which took me a while to ID (it was a lifer). Fishing Common Kingfisher and Osprey, migrating Sand Martin, a hunting Peregrine and the common passerines such as Black Browed Reed Warbler(now very skulking) kept me entertained whilst I waited for the Broadbilled to come near enough for a decent shot (it never did).

At the river mouth was a flock of Dunlin and Red Necked Stint, a few Common Sandpiper, 2 Whimbrel and 2 Eastern Curlew. Strangest of all were 2 Spotted Nutcracker. I've seen these high up in the Bavarian Alps and in the mountains of central Hokkaido but here they were at sea level at a river mouth. Here's a lousy record shot.

And here are 2 very poor record shots of the Broadbilled Sandpiper. They at least show the head pattern.

Flocks of Japanese Green Pigeon flying down to the coast to drink were the highlight of the drive home. Not a vintage day for photos so we ended up back at Kamiso. Still a few Red Necked Stints about.

The juvenile Night Heron flew off before I could talk a picture, the main bird of any interest was the first lone Eurasian Wigeon of the autumn.


  1. Congrats on the BBS!!!! After all your complaints ;) superb shots of the stints and nice one on the Nutcrackers. I hope you get some more lifers!!

    Great win the other night...long may it continue!!

  2. Funnily enough I looked at your blog in the morning before I left and remembered the BBS photo. Since moaning about the lack of waders there now seem to be loads up here (much better than previous autumns). Perhaps I should moan about the lack of Short tailed Albatrosses on the local beaches next.

    Yes it was a nice result to get us into the CL. Still, this year it simply has to be the Premier League above all else.

  3. Hi Stu

    I got your contact from Sean (hirobirder), as someone who might be able to point me in the direction of photos of 'ijimae' Sand Martins, especially in flight. Also, any info on their moult timing (eg from banding studies?).

    I'm trying to work out the differences between these and 'fokienensis' Pale Martin. If you want to contact me direct, my email is 'digdeep1962 at yahoo dot com'.



  4. Hi Dave....I'm afraid I've never taken pics of Sand Martins. You could try a google image seach of their Japanese name ショウドウツバメ

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful........I'm not really a serious ornithologist (as you can tell by my ramblings on the blog).


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