25 June 2007

Life in a Red Cheeked Starling colony

Had a bit of free time this afternoon so I checked the local river and Red Cheeked Starlings were everywhere. The male is a beautiful bird but I haven't really been able to get a decent shot with my DSLR. Today's were an improvement on previous efforts at least. They do spend a lot of time hidden in bushes though. Better than the ones I snapped up on the wires which were all predictably poor.

The females are pretty drab.

But like females everywhere they do all the real hard work when it comes to their offspring.

And here is a young one stepping out on the sidewalk. ISO was a bit too high on this pic alas.

Not much else about. Oriental Great Reed Warblers were still singing (at least 6 territories on the 1 km or so i walked down this afternoon) and this Bull Headed Shrike was watching the Starlings. Another crappy pic of a bird on a wire.

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