11 May 2007


A Wryneck at Yunokawa this afternoon. A very pleasant spring day and my first visit to the easternmost part of my patch for a while. The Wryneck was the most interesting species and Oriental Great Reed Warbler were the noisiest.

An abundant summer vistor to southern Hokkaido they seemingly sing from any bush near any water. They get bolder as spring develops and sing at the top of bushes so I should be able to get much better photos than this one.

Little Ringed Plovers has also arrived. Other species at Yunokawa included Stonechat, Chestnut Eared, Reed and Black Faced Buntings, Japanese Thrush, Blue & White Flycatcher, Grey Wagtail and the usual common stuff. Here are some photos from the last few days in Hakodate. A Stonechat today, a male Wigeon near my flat earlier in the week and a male Red Cheeked Starling in amongst the cherry blossoms a couple of days ago.

Yesterday in the local park there were lots of Japanese White-eye and a lone male Siskin. Not so many migrants though. Here's a couple of Slaty Backed Gulls relaxing in the park.

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  1. SCE, some great shots on the blog of late. The camera is treating you well. Some nice birds to boot too. I had a quiet GW, with only Bohemian Waxer a JP tick for me. Had some fantastic views of male Paradise Flycatcher with a nice long tail in Osaka-jo on Saturday. I got some ok photos and will post them up at some stage this week. I hope the back is feeling better...nervous about next week now. Sorry to see Fowler go, total legend.


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