8 September 2014

A lot of beaches but not a lot of birds

Over the last couple of days I spent a lot of time walking up and down beaches all over SW Hokkaido.......................

Not many birds of interest though. There were lots and lots of skittish flocks of Red Necked Stints at many beach locations but little of anything else. These 2 Sanderlings were at Sawara this afternoon...........

They were pretty tame but the bright light on the beach was a bit harsh for a white bird..............

We had a very mild summer but today was a bit hot especially lugging the 500 f4 along the beach. All these shots were handheld (like 95% of my photos, I really should use my tripod/monopod more to give my arms a rest).

Not much else around. Black Necked Grebe at Sutsu and Kamiiso, Osprey, Kingfishers everywhere, various raptors half seen from the car as we sped around (Kestrel and Buzzard I think), Greenshank at Shireuchi, lots of Night Herons at Kamiiso................


  1. I'd love to have a good encounter with Sanderlings like this. They're not common around Melbourne unfortunately. Some lovely images even if it was hot and your arms were breaking!

    1. Thanks, this was pretty much the first shorebird I ever saw. Blackpool beach 1981 maybe?

  2. They're still here in sunny Blackpool Stu, but not quite back from the Arctic yet this season...any day now



  3. Hi Dave, thanks for the comment. Actually I can remember Blackpool Beach being pretty good for waders..........

  4. The Sanderlings look just like we see them here in HK… very white. Great shots with the 500mm !

  5. I always like the black and white pattern of juvenile Sanderling, much smarter than the adult.


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